Reimbursement Management Software ​

Manage Claims & Reimbursements smoothly & remotely

BizHRS Expense claim module is developed flexibly to suit any business environment. Auto reporting system enhances the whole process & ensures timely approved reimbursements to employees.

Multi-tier Approvals

Customize approval workflows as per your hierarchical structure. Set up deviation workflows to handle variations and anomalies.

Smart Policy Checks

Add your company’s expense policies to ensure 100% compliance with our policy red flags and notifications.

Real-Time Expense Feeds

View all company spending in one place as it happens. See all expenses categorized and tagged and supported with bill attachments.

Cut-Off Dates & Reminders

Set up cut-off dates for report submission and approvals and enable notifications that prompt users to get things done on time.

Reconciliation Summaries

Easily verify the amount of money spent and the amount outstanding with the employee or the company.


  • Multi Currency
  • Reporting Infrastructure
  • Apple, Android & Application
  • Dashboards at Web
  • Approval Hierarchy
  • Highly Configurable Masters
  • Travel Desk

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud Based Tool, hence no server costs.
  • Legitimate Pricing Model, as we understand reimbursement is already a cost to you.
  • Low implementation costs
  • Risk Mitigation through digitized controls
  • Management Ready Reports
  • Transparency to Employees and Organization
  •  Pre Approved Budgets and Cost Analysi

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Model

Outsource the bills & invoices verification to BizHRS, AK Finserv.

Achieve Cost Benefits

Adherence to Company Policies

Speed up the reimbursement process

Achieve Cost Benefits

Adherence to Company Policies

Speed up the reimbursement process

"Get Expense claim automation in action"