Its time to say goodbye to duplication, confusion of excel files, delay in payday and inconsistencies! Start processing through BizHRS creating savings in costs, accurate data & improved transparency.

Payroll compliances comes with organisation’s time, effort and money. It is every organisation’s aim to be statutory compliant throughout the audit period. All the statutory filings are looked by our domain experts to ensure no penalties and unwanted cash outflows. 
Reimbursement Management Software

BizHRS as a cloud based payroll processing solution works both on Software as Service Model (SAAS) as well as on Business Process Outsourcing Model (BPO).


Cost Saving and Error minimization

Once SOPs are implemented, automization leads to cost savings in monthly carrying costs & reduces chances of error by 99%.

Multi Currency Capability

Employee lifecycle across the globe can be managed alongwith the salary, advances & reimbursements in multicurrency.


We thrive to make the automization process effective by a thorough analysis of the requirements pre implementation and making the essential customizations thereon.

Simplified and Transparent Processing

All the transactions pass by a layer of approvals and delegations set by the management and can be monitored through management dashboard & reports.

Security and Integrity

Our network security team and infrastructure helps protect your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks.

Business Intelligence

Communicating with different system is easy and seamless through our business intelligence enabled technology, which can bring all the figures at one place.

Why Choose Us ?

Robust and scalable payroll solution for Small, mid sized and large clients

Highly configurable system with a built-in rule engine that can accommodate complex payroll logic

Cloud based solution, multi-tenantable

Integrates with other business solutions & ERP by using intelligent adapters

One solution that offers integrated HRIS, Time and Attendance, and Absence Management solution

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